Campus Engagement Resources

Last updated: 5/28/2024

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge (ALL IN) has comprised a collection of resources created by the ALL IN team and partner organizations within the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition to support campuses with nonpartisan engagement efforts. We encourage you to utilize and share these resources through email, social media, campus programming, and other online outlets (e.g., learning management systems). These nonpartisan resources are intended to help you find up-to-date election information, plan for in-person and virtual democratic engagement, and develop your campus democratic engagement action plan. In conjunction, ALL IN released its annual Resource Toolkit which provides an overview of tools and opportunities that are available to your campus.

Please email [email protected] with additional resources you’d like us to include. We also encourage you to join our Higher Education – Student Voter Engagement (HE-SVE) Google Group to pose questions and share resources in real time.

In addition to the resources listed below, ALL IN has created a video to walk you through being ALL IN for 2024.

ALL IN’s theory of change suggests that in order for widespread nonpartisan democratic engagement to occur, there must be a balance of civic learning, political engagement, and student voter participation as part of a campus’s culture. Resources crafted by ALL IN and partner organizations strive to provide structure and support in each of the following categories.  

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