Democratic engagement is the state of being engaged in advancing democracy through political institutions, organizations, and activities — it is the engagement of citizens in public life and in government. Examples of democratic engagement include voting, contacting elected officials, being active in political organizations, debating issues, supporting causes, and participating in rallies.

Our Vision

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge empowers colleges and universities to achieve excellence in nonpartisan student democratic engagement.

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge envisions a more engaged and inclusive democracy. Through institutional engagement, direct student engagement, and fostering a national higher education network, ALL IN strives for an electorate that mirrors our country’s makeup and in which college students are democratically engaged on an ongoing basis, during and between elections, and not just at the polls. We believe that a strong, vibrant, and more representative American democracy will result from the greater inclusion of informed college student voters.

Our Mission

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge’s (ALL IN) mission is to foster civic culture and institutionalize democratic engagement activities and programs at colleges and universities, making them a defining feature of campus life. ALL IN also strives to close voting gaps based on age and race, with a particular focus on increasing support and outreach for minority serving institutions (MSIs) and community colleges. 

As an initiative of Civic Nation, ALL IN, in collaboration with higher education institutions, seeks to:

  • Make participation in local, state, and federal elections a social norm.
  • Substantially increase the number of college students who are democratically engaged on an ongoing basis, during and between elections, and not just at the polls.
  • Make educating for democratic engagement on college campuses an accepted and expected part of the culture and curriculum so that students graduate with the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and values needed to be informed and active citizens.

ALL IN embraces a tripartite definition of democratic engagement: democratic engagement = civic learning + political engagement + voter participation (see ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge Theory of Change). ALL IN aims to enable colleges and universities to institutionalize nonpartisan democratic engagement by way of providing structure, support, and recognition. 

Our Goals

In the next five years, ALL IN will:

  • support over 1000 participating institutions, while emphasizing growth among community colleges and minority serving institutions;
  • support more than 25 state and 20 athletic voting challenges;
  • engage more than 80% of ALL IN campuses in the National Study of Learning, Voting, & Engagement; and 
  • increase performance of campuses within the ALL IN structure (e.g., civic learning, political engagement, and student voter participation) and ladder of engagement (our 5 steps)