All participating campuses are recognized for joining the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge and making a commitment to increasing student voting rates and helping students form the habits of active and informed citizenship.


Campuses are awarded seals based on the voter participation rates. Below are the awards for mid-term and presidential election years.

Midterm Election Seals

50% or more voter participation

voter participation

voter participation

voter participation

Presidential Election Seals

90% or more voter participation

voter participation

voter participation

voter participation

voter participation

Highly Established Action Plan

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge is proud to recognize the colleges and universities that have earned the Highly Established Action Plan Seal of recognition. ALL IN has developed this seal of recognition for higher education institutions with strong action plans to increase nonpartisan democratic engagement by promoting civic learning, political engagement, and college student voter participation. Action plan strength is determined by reviewing campus action plans with the Strengthening American Democracy Action Planning Rubric.

Most Engaged Campus Award

ALL IN’s Most Engaged Campuses for College Student Voting recognizes colleges and universities making intentional efforts to increase nonpartisan democratic engagement and college student voting. 

Best in Class Awards

Campuses are presented Best In Class awards based upon institutional characteristics.  Within each category awards are presented to the campus with the highest voter registration rate, highest voting rate and the most improved voting rate. Most improved voting rates are a comparison of presidential to presidential elections, and midterm to midterm elections.

Champion Awards

Campuses, organizations, and individuals will be considered for awards based on established criteria. Campuses must have submitted an action plan in order to be considered for a Champion Award.

  • Highest Student Voting Rate
  • Most Improved Student Voting Rate
  • Standout Faculty
  • Standout Administrator
  • Standout Partner
  • Standout Collegiate Athletic Coach
  • Standout Elections Official
  • Standout President/Chancellor
  • Highest Voter Registration Rate
  • Most Improved Registration Rate