ALL IN Challenge Webinar Series

2021 Webinars 

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#2 | 2020 Action Plan Deep Dive & 2022 Action Planning Look Ahead


March 30, 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET


Join the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge as we share key findings and takeaways from the 2020 action planning process and look ahead to the 2022 action planning process.

Previous Conversations

#1 | How to be ALL IN for Democracy in 2021


March 3, 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET


The 2020 election demonstrated college students are ready to continue deepening their engagement with democracy. To help your campus institutionalize nonpartisan democratic engagement year-round, ALL IN is here to provide the necessary structure, support, and recognition.

During this conversation, attendees:
– learned key 2021 program milestones;
understood how to make the most of ALL IN’s resources and opportunities; and engaged in dialogue with each other and the ALL IN team.


3/3 Slides

2017-2020 Webinars are recorded and can be viewed on our archives page.