Vote Together

We are ALL IN to #VoteTogether

It’s always more fun to vote with friends! We’re working to make sure that every eligible student voter makes a plan to vote, encouraging them to vote early, either by returning a mail-in ballot or voting in person. Studies indicate that voting together and making voting a fun, celebratory activity can have a big impact on voter participation and can help build stronger voting habits over the long term. Let’s get started! 


Students can help their classmates, friends, and family to make a plan to vote early this year. ALL IN encourages students to engage their own “vote squad” of at least 3 people to make a plan to vote — and to cast their ballots together safely. It can be early in person, by mail, or by getting a text group together and getting your squad to make a plan to vote. How will your students vote together with their vote squad(s)? Choose from the options below:


Party at the mailbox or dropbox:

If you and your vote squad are choosing to cast your ballots by mail this year, make it a celebration! Once you have your ballots, pick a date to carefully fill them out and mail them in together! Then, decorate your space with some swag to turn your home into a festive voting location. Add music to create a fun, party-like atmosphere. Fill out your ballot to this curated playlist from our friends at the nonpartisan When We All Vote.

Vote together early in-person:

Make a fun moment and head to your early vote polling location with your vote squad, your pod, or your household! Don’t forget to take photos (with masks on!), and share on social media with #VotingSquad and #allintovote

Socially-distanced text or DM chain:

Even socially distanced, you can get your vote squad together! Pick 3 people to start a text thread or DM. Get everyone to make a plan to vote and then hold each other accountable. After each member of the vote squad votes, send your selfie photo to the group thread! (Note: make sure your selfie doesn’t include a pic of how you voted – ballots are confidential and it’s illegal in some states to take pics of completed ballots!). Your vote squad could also take part in one of ALL IN’s nationally organized Campus Couch Parties.

Parade, March, or Caravan to the Polls:

If you’ve made a plan to vote in-person this year, you can take the party on the road and march or drive to your polling place with your neighbors, friends, family, and community members––wearing masks and socially distant, of course. Let us know if your campus has organized a Vote Together event!

Take the next step: Make Your Vote Together Plan

  • Step 1: Make your own plan to vote early in person or by mail.
  • Step 2: Choose how you want to vote together from the options above. Start by creating your #VotingSquad of at least 3 friends, family, or classmates to #VoteTogether with you.
  • Step 3: Take a selfie after you’ve voted and share on social media using #VoteTogether and tag @allintovote so we can find it and share it!
  • Step 4: Let us know how it went in this short report-back!

#VoteTogether Resources
These resources will help your campus organize #VoteTogether programs.

For questions about #VoteTogether contact the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge team at [email protected].