Building America’s Teammates is a nonpartisan, accessible, coach-friendly program that helps all athletes see themselves as capable and confident participants in a thriving, democratic society.

Coaches know how to grow athletes.
Let’s help coaches grow citizens.

Student-athletes are leaders, both on campus and in their communities. But what makes them ready to lead?
Coaches expect great things from them both on and off the field of play, yet most student-athletes don’t have access to any kind of training in the skills they’ll need to be active, engaged, and empowered leaders who make our nation a better place to live. What they need is a strong foundation in understanding who they are, what they care about, and how to take an active part in making a positive impact on their communities. In other words, they need to develop as both players and citizens.

“Accomplishments on the court might make headlines. But first and foremost, coaches are committed to developing and educating student-athletes. What better lesson can there be to teach our players than how to become engaged citizens.” 
– Coach Craig Robinson, Executive Director, National Association of Basketball Coaches

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